Savings anywhere,
anytime, and on any
mobile phone.

Our BezoSusu platform allows you to create a personal susu and a group susu where you can save either daily, weekly or monthly.

You earn a 3% interest per annum on your savings and the interest is calculated daily.

Dial *713*12#

How it Works

Get set up in a matter
of minutes.

Personal savings

Step 1

Create a BezoSusu account on the USSD (*713*12#) using any Valid National ID and your Mobile Money Number and you will receive an e-wallet for your personal savings

Step 2

Set a savings goal for yourself (e.g. GHc1,500 for Business/ School Fees/ Emergencies/ Rent) and a deadline for achieving that goal

Step 3

Choose to lock your e-wallet to prevent impulsive withdrawals. Savings stay locked until you achieve your goal. When e-wallet is not locked, you can only withdraw your savings when you achieve half of your goal

Step 4

Confirm your savings goal with your Mobile Money Number and Bezo PIN

Group savings

Step 1

In creating a group savings account, ensure that all the group members already have a BezoSusu account. Then contact us to receive your unique Group ID

Step 2

Dial the USSD menu (*713*12#) to create a group savings goal by entering the Group ID and frequency of contributions

Step 3

Confirm the group savings goal with your Mobile Money Number and Bezo PIN

Deposits and Withdrawals


Make deposits by putting money into your Mobile Money wallet. We deduct the amount you tell us to based on the goal you created and save it in your BezoSusu wallet for you.


Make withdrawals by requesting money using the USSD menu (*713*12#). The amount requested will be sent to your Mobile Money wallet where you can either cash out at any Mobile Money agent or push it into your bank account.