We Make Financial
Independence Achievable

BezoMoney is a fintech company incorporated in Ghana that builds and provides digital social financial solutions to the unbanked and young individuals through mobile technology.

The Story
BezoMoney was built out of the need to ensure unbanked communities and young people have the opportunity to gain access to the formal financial system so as to enjoy benefits therein. We do so by helping them to plan and grow their finances as well as build credit histories.

Our Vision

To become Africa’s largest digital financial platform for the unbanked and young people.


We are empowering people financially by building on their existing cultural financial schemes to provide them with upward social mobility.

Our Values and Culture

BezoMoney operates on principles that push us to continuously work towards becoming the essential financial partner for the people who need us.

We believe in:

We serve our customers well whilst Having Fun doing it!

Meet the Team

We are a team with a common goal of helping the
unbanked create wealth through savings.
Mubarak Sumaila
Chief Executive Officer
Transaction Processed
Number of Employees


Creating the future we wish to see can be very challenging but it is a challenge we are excited to take on and we are excited at the prospects of having you join us to build a collective vision. We are looking for dedicated talents who will work with us to bring inclusive financial services and products to the communities that need them.

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