We want to accelerate
financial inclusion

BezoMoney is a lifestyle. What we want to achieve ultimately is a financial ecosystem and community where we are able to address all the financial needs of our customers.

Our Story

Where we come from

Our team has 16 years experience in software, business and strategy development, design thinking, building communities and partnerships. We have all stayed, worked and built products focused on people at the bottom of the pyramid. Our advisors work in telcos, banks, and nonprofits and provide us with insights and recommendations.

Our Team

Meet the Founders

We are three Ghanaians with a common goal of helping people to create wealth through savings.

Mubarak Sumaila


Mubarak Sumaila is a design thinking expert with three years experience building startup communities in Ghana. He is very passionate about building capacity and building startups focused on social impact. At BezoMoney, he focuses on strategy, business development and building partnerships.

Diana D. Osei


Diana D. Osei has spent three years in the technology for development space bringing innovative digital solutions to students and small business owners in Ghana. She is passionate about youth and women empowerment. At BezoMoney, she focuses on customer acquisition and customer relations.

Kenneth Simpson


Kenneth Simpson is a software engineer with over eight years experience working on software products in health, agriculture, insurance, financial services and data mining. He has built various software systems for IoT device tracking. At BezoMoney, he focuses on building the tech components of the business.

Our Partners

Building and Learning with
Accelerators and their Networks

We had the opportunity to be trained by Meltwater Entrepreneurial
School of Technology (MEST) which allowed us to
develop our skills and our product as well as secure seed funding for BezoMoney.

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Email - hello@bezomoney.com

20 Aluguntuguntu Street,
Ambassadorial Enclave,
East Legon, Accra, Ghana